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Our Mission

We are dedicated to offering real help to others through improved nutrition.

We at His-n-Herbs are delighted to offer you, our customers, our sincere commitment to your good health. Our fervent hope is that our personal experiences with various health issues will enable us to offer you a little bit of wisdom in working through some of the problems and frustrations you may face in your own lives. We’re all learning and growing as we face the challenges of life, and we are blessed to share with you some of the foods and products that we have found helpful along the way. 

The change in our lifestyle as a result of illness has yielded for us tremendous benefits. Such simple switches as the foods we eat daily, the herbs, supplements and holistic products we use to strengthen our immune systems, and the attitudes we have toward taking a proactive approach to our health work together to create for us the best possible quality of life.
As you peruse our site, you will find helpful hints on nutrition, foods that stimulate and support the immune system, and recipes for preparing whole foods. Also, you will find a variety of herbs, supplements and other natural formulas that we use in our home when health issues arise, as well as those we use on a regular basis to increase our vitality. We are proud to be distributors of Nature’s Sunshine products, and we are delighted to offer you the opportunity to test them yourselves. Our decision to partner with Nature’s Sunshine came as a result of our experiencing first hand their dedication to quality, service and integrity in providing the finest 100% natural products available today. Additionally, we are impressed by Nature’s Sunshine’s dedication to providing educational information that edifies the consumer in the areas of nutrition, holistic thinking, and environmental awareness.
We trust that your experience with Nature’s Sunshine will be as positive as ours has been. You may choose to become a distributor so that you, too, may enjoy the benefits of receiving the highest-quality natural products at wholesale prices with additional incentives, and so that you may share these products with others, as we do. If so, please do not hesitate to visit our Members Sign Up page. If you have questions about beginning a relationship with Nature’s Sunshine, you are welcome to contact us for more detailed information at
Start your journey to good health and learn why, at His-n-Herbs, we encourage you to …
Nourish the Body…Nourish the Soul!
Joe and Linda Luca
 “A merry heart does good, like medicine…”
Proverbs 18:22