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Sunshine Heroes

Many kids are picky eaters, and they don’t get the nutrition they need from the foods they eat. Nature’s Sunshine Sunshine Heroes ® chewable children’s vitamins pack nutrition and antioxidants into every variety, helping kids get the vitamins, minerals, probiotics, fatty acids and other good stuff required for healthy development and happy bodies. Each children’s supplement features our unique Protector Shield® blend so it’s chock full of antioxidants from fruits and veggies to support the immune system and cellular health.


This past year, in conjunction with the Sunshine Heroes Foundation Nature’s Sunshine has helped fund the construction of a Sunshine Children’s Center in the Dominican Republic. With over half of the populace receiving less than one-fifth of the country’s GDP, many of the nation’s people lack adequate healthcare and educational opportunities. The 9th Sunshine Children’s Center to be built, this facility will offer vocational classes and various medical services, and with a basketball court adjoining the building, it will even give kids a place to play.


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